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Global Social Media & Networking Industry

, Published: May-2013

The globe spanning reach of internet has given rise to social media revolution that has changed the way people interect, It has made possible the rate of flow of informotaion which was unimaginable. Social networks, which provide platforms for online users to connect, share, and build relationships with other online users, have forever altered the lives of individuals, communities and societies all around the world.

The users across the .....

Ghana - An Economic Primer

, Published: May-2013

Ghana has always been known for it gold production since the colonial times, but slowly other sectors have also started to rise. This has caused by the stability in economy brought by effort and policies of its government. According to the World Bank, Ghana is a Middle Income Economy and has more than twice the per capita output then other western African countries.

Ghana is among the fastest growing economy of Africa, it major exports .....

Indian Cement Sector

, Published: Apr-2013

Cement industry forms the core of the Indian infrastructure development and plays a vital role in the growth and development of the country. With large amount of Infrastructure development projects taken up by both the government and private players this is probably the best time Indian Cement Industry has seen in the history.

Indian cement industry has grown by leaps and bounds and is now considered technologically one of the most advan.....

Telecom Industry in Oman (Fixed Lines, Mobile, Internet)

, Published: Dec-2012

The Oman Telecom market is amongst the world’s fastest growing telecom markets and the decree by the federal government to liberate the telecom sector has created endless opportunities for IT and Telecom services providers. Oman has one of the most developed telecom markets and technologically advanced telecom infrastructure in the Gulf with fixed, mobile and Internet penetration rates of 11Percentage, 186Percentage and 54Percentage respective.....

Indian Education Sector

, Published: Aug-2012

The education sector in India is evolving, led by the emergence of new niche sectors like vocational training, finishing schools, child-skill enhancement and e-learning.

The Indian education system, considered as one of the largest in the world, is divided into two major segments - Formal and Informal education. While, schools and higher education form the part of formal group, the informal segment consists of pre-schools, vocational tra.....

Indian Telecom Sector

, Published: Jun-2012

Indian telecommunication sector has undergone a major process of transformation through significant policy reforms, particularly beginning with the announcement of NTP 1994.

Wireless services which began in India in 1995, has crossed 900mn mark in FY'2012 with a total wirelsess subscribers base of 919mn at the end of Mar'12 ( a Y-oY growth of 13Percentage in FY'12).

Wireless services are expected to grow at 12-13Percentage annually.....